A lil bit aboutt me :)

Hello mind if i intro myself ? Okay let's start , my name is Natalie Woodworth age ? 180998 , oh no ! you're so old . Whatever -.- . I'm from Penang , Malaysia . No matter what happen's family always comes first for me . friends comes second okay ? Hmm , me love textingg alot , me love hangingg out and me love myself the most ! LOL i'm so selfish , gahh~ i don't sell any fishes ! Haha . Okay single 100% . I'm single but my hearts 101% taken by someone . Wanna know who ? go find it out yourself that's your mission babe ! I've got lovers and i've got haters . I hate 'show off' bitches . Lets make it clear NO ones perfect . Accept the fact okay ? Anything else ? Wanna know more you can always add me on FACEBOOK ! That's all . thankyouu !

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